PRIME CONSULTING – We are a Consulting business focusing primarily on analysis and research addressing diverse business challenges. Feedback management – our passion!

Our goal is to assist companies in developing a higher level of communication and cooperation by providing structure to feedback. All of our Consultants have in-depth, proven expertise and success in the International business arena. We offer solid training assisting company leaders to develop the skills needed to be far more competitive in today’s world marketplace.

By developing the ability to have excellent relationships with employees, partners and customers, companies remove obstacles and move towards achieving ultimate success.

We provide the tools to quickly and expediently explore what your employees, colleagues, customers and partners think about your company in Lithuania, as well as globally. The defining and analysis of existing feedback management problems, as well as understanding and heading off potential problems will give you the ability to manage a significantly more dynamic and forward moving business. Our experts will help you understand what distinguishes you from your competition and as well will clearly define your key success factors.

Contact us today if your goal is to improve your company’s performance on every level in Lithuania as well as abroad. We will be happy to assist you!